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In this edition the authors share stories regarding addiction, trauma, diabetes, autism, brain injury, entrepreneurship, athletics, legacy stories and much more. A new feature in this book are the “Sparks” which are short testimonies and quotes from cannabis voices in the industry. There are inspiring contributions from Ed Rosenthal, Jane West, Danielle Simone Brand, posthumous Richard C Randall, Johnny Curry, Mike Tyson and more. Be inspired by the stories and learn how cannabis works from Dr Bridget Cole Williams and Dr. Uwe Belsching.

This robust edition in the series will challenge your assumptions and enlighten your point of view as you develop Courage in Cannabis: The Triumphant Stories,  launching Spring 2023.
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About Adam Wilks

Adam Wilks is Tyson 2.0's Chief Executive Officer and Vice Chairman of the Board. He formerly served as Chief Executive Officer of One Plant, a multi-state cannabis retail chain. Prior to One Plant, Wilks served as COO of the venture capital firm SOL Global. Wilks also spent more than a decade scaling licensed retail brands including PinkBerry and Cold Stone Creamery.

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Whats in the book?


A new feature in this book are the “Sparks” which are short testimonies and quotes from 11 amazing cannabis voices in the industry.


2 Amazing Featured authors transform and set the tone for our triumphant story anthology.


Over 40 authors and contributors sharing their inspiring stories of how cannabis/CBD changed their lives.


"More to come! Our book series features multiple volumes, each delving deeper into the exciting world of Cannabis.

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Book Two
Supporting Authors

Rebecca Stanforth

Cannabis Advocate & Author

Mary Johnson

Cannabis Advocate Entrepreneur & Chef

Jennifer Boozer

Hemp Retailer Lobbyist Radio Host & Educator

Jamie Dodd

Ohio Wholesale Manager for Black Buddha Cannabis, Type One Diabetes Warrior

Dionne Lacey

Author, Cannabis Advocate & Activist of Reentry

Dr. Bridget Cole Williams

Physician Visonary Author Cannabis CBD Specialist

Axaviar Burrows

Cannabis Entrepreneur Horticulturalist & Consultant

Book Two
Contributing Authors

Tonica Spicer Combs

Cannabis Advocate Patient Ordained Minister & Author

Rick Anstiss

Cannabis Activist & Liaison

Nikki Lawley

Cannabis Patient & Advocate

Nique Pichette

Cannabis Nurse Navigator

Natacha Andrews

Attorney, Cannabis Advocate, Educator, Speaker & Author

Michelle Nary

Cannabis Advocate Activist Educator & Patient

Julie Doran

Cannabis Entrepreneur Educator & Advocate

Gerald Moore Jr.

Cannabis Dad Athlete & Cannabis Activist

Christi Chapman

Cannabis Entrepreneur Respiratory Practitioner & Educator

Amie Carter

Cannabis Mom Pediatric Cannabis Advocate

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February 22, 2023

Spread the word about Courage in Cannabis: Volume Two. Share and join for your chance to win! The power is in the stories!
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Join Dr Bridget for a Special Event on January 25th for Cannabiziac Book of the Month!

January 3, 2023

It is Courage in Cannabis season! Let’s talk about it!
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About Author

About Dr. Bridget Cole Williams, MD

Dr. Bridget Williams is an established board-certified family physician, author and the CEO of Green Harvest Health, medical cannabis and integrative clinics located in Ohio. With nearly 20 years of experience in family medicine from The Cleveland Clinic, Dr. Bridget combines her medical background with certifications in life and cannabis coaching to her practice. Dr. Williams is honored to be Top Female Business and Top Minority Business with the Ohio MBE Awards 2021 and a Women in Medicine Top Doctor for 2021.

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