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Julie Doran was raised on a small farm in a big family. She’s passionate about cannabis. Doing a lot of different things in the industry, her focus is to free this plant, and to keep cannabis a clean medicinal option for anyone who wishes to use it. 

She manufactures an organic fertilizer formulated for cannabis production, Meigs Fertilizer. She also farms 5 acres of hemp and grows the cbd that she uses in her cbd line, Ohio Friends and Family CBD Products. 

She enjoys educating people on the benefits of cannabis, how to cultivate it, what it’s uses and possibilities are. You can find her at the statehouse educating legislators on the benefits and uses of cannabis, or hosting summits to educate farmers on how to cultivate a new crop. Being in the industry she loves connecting the dots for businesses, growers, patients, and legislators. She’s submerged herself in the industry just because of the way the cannabis plant can change a life. 

When Julie isn’t focused on the world of cannabis, she can almost always be found outside in nature, gardening, showing alpacas, or hanging out with friends and family.