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Born in Colorado, raised in Louisiana, I have been a resident of Alabama for over 18 years. At 22, a vocal music major in college, I left school to marry & become a stay at home mom for the next 17 years. I was diagnosed with arthritis & migraines in high school & suffered from painful PMS from age 10. After the death of my son, Elijah, having almost died during his birth, I eventually became dependent on opiates over the next decade. Three years after I quit, still in constant pain with anxiety, depression, insomnia & high blood pressure, I found CBD. It changed my life & I became incredibly passionate about learning, as well as teaching, about cannabis. I knew people needed a place & a person to go to for answers, compassion & high quality products to change their own lives. In the summer of 2018, with almost no money, no experience, resources or a mentor, I created CannaBama, LLC & made history as the first Hemp/CBD retailer in Alabama history. It began in 200 square feet of a hair salon in Satsuma, Alabama, where I taught my first CBD class, & quickly exploded into so much more than I could have imagined. I teach classes & hold educational events in downtown Mobile, host a weekly FM radio show & podcast called “Sweet Home CannaBama”, & became a cannabis lobbyist to fight for the rights of Alabamians to access legal cannabis. CannaBama hosted the first public 420 event in Mobile & the largest one in the state in 2022. Despite Covid, inflation & divorce, CannaBama is still thriving, & setting the bar for the ones who came behind us, in hopes of providing hope & health to those around us every day.