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Bronwen Scarberry is an educator and legal medical cannabis patient residing in the state of Ohio, with the qualifying conditions of PTSD and fibromyalgia.

Bronwen was born in Akron, Ohio, to parents Colin and Melina. They divorced when she was three and she spent most of her childhood in extreme poverty, moving from place to place. Despite attending nine different schools from kindergarten through twelfth grade, she loved the safety that school provided. She wanted to be able to provide that same safe space and sense of security for others, prompting her to attend Kent State University as a non-traditional student at the age of twenty-five.

Bronwen worked full time throughout college, attending as many night courses as she could and graduated magna cum laude as a member of the International Baccalaureate Society. Bronwen earned a Bachelor of Science in Education and received dual licensure in Middle Childhood Education and Gifted Education. She accepted a job as a fourth-grade teacher prior to graduation and continued to teach fourth grade for over thirteen years.  She is no longer teaching due to being disenfranchised by the war on drugs.

Bronwen is presently trying to find her voice and her place in the cannabis space. She spent over a year working in the industry, has appeared on canna-centered podcasts, and is sharing her story with any who will listen. Her heart is happiest when she shares her passion of cannabis, and her biggest dream is to find a career where she can do so.

Bronwen and her husband, Wayne, have been married since 2005 and live in Suffield, Ohio, with Bow, the best dog ever.