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Tonica has always been an advocate of cannabis, nature's magical plant. And she became a patient after receiving her mmj card in 2019 to treat PTSD. While waiting on the painstakingly slow and seemingly botched roll out of the program in Ohio, she dove into extensive literature and facts surrounding this amazing plant, learning so much new information to try and help rid the world of the misinformation and spread the message that this plant truly helps and heals.  

Although Tonica spent over 20 years in and out of the dental field, her true passion is helping others, in whatever capacity that may be.

 She recently became an Ordained Minister to officiate weddings for those with different lifestyles and beliefs because after all, love is love. She also volunteers with the local chapter of GLSEN and contributes to organizations such as the Trevor Project and is an active member of the Human Rights Commission.

In her downtime, Tonica enjoys reading, watching horror movies and listening to an eclectic mix of music from all genres. She has four wonderfully amazing children, Techara, TeVyn, Maddox and Benjamin, and five wonderfully amazing grandchildren, Tierra, Devin, Camden, Nehemiah and Treasure, whom she absolutely adores. She also enjoys taking road-trips and going on fun adventures with the love of her life, Lewis. 

She lives in the suburbs of Cincinnati, OH and frequents a lot of the most tasty restaurants when the munchies hit! 

Tonica is passionate about sharing her life changing experience with cannabis with the world, in hopes to change the stigma surrounding such a misunderstood, yet wonderful plant.