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After being diagnosed as a Juvenile T1 Diabetic at the age of 14, Jamie has made it her life’s mission and pursuit to treat patients with medical marijuana. She is profoundly grateful to be able to work with patients, and says there is no better feeling than knowing that the work we are all doing in this industry is changing the lives of people who need it the most. Jamie Lynn works as the Ohio Wholesale Manager for Black Buddha Cannabis, finding so much passion and love for the career she has dreamed about for almost two decades. Her own experience with cannabis has provided her a greater quality of life, allowing her to prevail over seemingly hopeless adversity, and she has dedicated her work and career to finding that same relief to others enduring, as well. As she often states when asked about her job, she just wants to change the world with a little medical marijuana.

Instagram: @sugarfree.susie

LinkedIn: Jamie Lynn Dodd

Facebook: Jamie Lynn Dodd