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My name is LaKesha Randle. I’m 32 years of age. I’m a Sickle Cell Warrior/Advocate, Prayer Warrior, Stay at home mom, and Student. I was born on August 27th, 1990, to my parents Claudette Randle-Parker and Broderick Randle. I was born and raised in Toledo, Ohio. I am the youngest of 3 and the only female sibling. I have two brothers, Terry Watkins Jr., and Broderick Randle II. I’m the mother of a beautiful little girl, named Faith! Faith and I recently relocated to Florida, with my mom and stepdad Robert. Cannabis, has so many positive benefits , but it helped me have more positive thoughts than I have experienced using opioids. I can be myself again! Using cannabis, I was able to back off opioids gradually. This brought back my ambition, and courage to use my voice to help others and Advocate for Cannabis! As a child I wanted to be many things, like a model, actress, singer, hematologist, but most of all Sickle Cell Advocate! #Look@meNow! A big thank you to my brother, Broderick! Your love, support, and networking relationships made this possible for me, I love you! I can’t help but feel Grateful and give praise to God because my Life has been nothing short of a Testimony! #Thank you, Jesus for Cannabis! I believe this is only the beginning for me, participating in this has only confirmed that God wants to use me for plans bigger than I can imagine and I’m excited to see what’s in store!