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"Mary Johnson is a serial entrepreneur with mental, physical, and spiritual health being at the forefront of her career. Back in 2009 ,after taking control of her health and losing 120 pounds, Mary sought a natural alternative to restore her body’s natural flow, without the side-effects of medications. In 2010, Mary discovered juicing and created a juice cleanse made from fruits, vegetables, and all-natural herbs that helped her accomplish just that. After seeing and feeling the results of her juice cleanse, Mary kicked into high gear to share this good news so she started preparing healthy meals and juices for clients while teaching this information to her community. In 2015 she turned her passion into purpose and her business Vitiman Kandie became an LLC.  Mary's accomplishments include certificates in personal training, health coaching, DNA wellness programmer, and herbalism. Mary is the author of "From This To That" and motivational speaker. To date, Mary has 20 wellness product lines, taught over 100 wellness & healthy cooking classes, 15 motivational seminars, opened a Fitness Gym, A Vegan Cafe in GlenVillage and a Vegan Restuarant Midtown of  Cleveland, Ohio, created 5 partnerships with in her community that includes but not limited to Urban farming, Non-Profit group CCA ( Collective Community Action) that offers free pantry, clothes & toiletry items to less fortunate communities, Cleveland Clinic Wellness Program, Cleveland Women In Business, and NSMDC MBE nationally certified level as a female Minority in Business. Mary wanted to help others heal and/or relieve pain through all natural herbs. In 2021, Mary began her relationship with cannabis in 2020 created her own CBD herbal line of products to help provide the tools, education, and resources to help others live a healthier and happier life. Participating in “Courage In Cannabis” is an absolute honor and she is excited to share her experiences with people across the world.