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Andrea Chaillet is a cannabis patient and advocate from Cincinnati, OH. She has been interested in the cannabis industry since 2019 when she obtained her medical marijuana card. She graduated from the University of Cincinnati in 2022 with a Bachelor’s of Science in environmental studies, minoring in both art history and fashion design studies. She also obtained certificates in horticulture and cannabis studies. Andrea was one of the first students from UC to apply for and complete the cannabis studies certificate. She is a 2021 Veriheal Innovation in Cannabis award winner for her writing on how the cannabis industry can better align itself with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals from cultivation to post-consumer stages. During her time at UC Andrea was fortunate enough to have had two incredible mentors, Sue Trusty and Bonnie Rabin, to help her navigate getting into the cannabis industry. Andrea has worked in the hemp side of the cannabis industry since 2022. She was formerly the general manager for The Eastern Kentucky Hemp Company - Cincinnati, where she managed the dab bar and hemp dispensary. Nowadays she works for Ohio CBD Guy and she is pursuing a Master of Arts in biology. When she is not working, Andrea is spending time with her partner Donaven and their cats, Sage and Rosemary. She also loves cooking, yoga, dancing, and taking her cats on walks in their stroller. She is extremely grateful to cannabis for allowing her to enjoy these hobbies again after experiencing such dark times.