"Cannabis saved my life after my morphine pump was being revised after 5yrs. Went cold turkey after 4 surgeries back to back due to complications. At that point with all the new additional medical issues developed. Was sent home with LOSS of hope.... CANNABIS saved me!"

Texas native medical cannabis patient, cannabis advocate, cannabis enthusiast. I was in the healthcare field for over 15yrs prior to my invisible illnesses taking over my heath & disabling me at such a young age.  When I began my career in healthcare, I knew I wanted to help others & through those years I had the opportunity to work minor ER, Neurology & Psychiatric, OB/GYN & my career ended during Pediatrics. 

Cannabis saved my life early 2017.  That day forward, I knew I was given a second chance to continue my passion in helping others.  It may not be considered Healthcare to others, but in my eyes it’s “My Health Care”  and will continue to advocate & educate. I am driven by this plant & its endless benefits.  As I have furthered my education in Cannabis, Hemp & the endocannabinoid system.  I will be coaching & educating others while following my dreams assisting others live better versions of themselves with an amazing quality of life.