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Natacha Andrews, Esq., is a cannabis attorney and business  consultant. Originally from New Jersey, Ms. Andrews is a graduate  of both Rutgers University (SCILS) and Howard University School  of Law. 

Natacha comes with a rich and diverse background which includes a  proven record of successful counseling, developing and negotiation  on behalf of her clients. She came to cannabis after practicing for  several years as an immigration attorney who noticed a large  number of clients across the industry facing deportation and  permanent family separation as a result of low level, non-violent  cannabis convictions. Concerned by the trend, Natacha set out to  gain a better understand of the underlying causes and connections.  What she discovered on this personal journey led Ms. Andrews to  seek avenues of advocacy and sensible drug policy reform. 

In December 2019 she began to gather a group of attorneys around  the nation resulting in the formation of the National Association of  Black Cannabis Lawyers (NABCL). Today, NABCL works with  attorneys from all over the United States to help advocate for  equitable, inclusive and reparative justice for those intentionally  harmed by the War on Drugs as well as those who continue to be  detrimentally affected by our fragmented US cannabis system. 

Natacha is on a crusade to assist cannabis professionals establish a footing within the cannabis industry during the re-legalization of the plant. Natacha provides invaluable expertise and guidance to those  seeking equity as they enter the burgeoning cannabis market. 

She serves as a staunch advocate for criminal justice and  comprehensive drug reform. She is an educator with subject matter  expertise, who speaks to audiences ranging from corporate entities  to community organizations. She is a volunteer for the Last  Prisoner’s Project, directs community engaged for NC ACT (North  Carolina Alliance for Cannabis Transparency), is a Parabola Center  Partner and sits on the board of the NABCL. She enjoys travel,  food, music, and family.

For more information or to book Natacha Andrews for a speaking  engagement, please reach out to Yamilee Bazile at 

info@nabcl.com or visit our website at www.NABCL.com