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Rick Anstiss is originally from berrien springs Michigan. Graduating in 1999. He entered the Cannabis industry in 2008. With the Michigan medical marijuana program. As a caregiver of five patients. Cannabis grower of 72 plants. Creator of various medicines and administrations of the cannabis plant. He began to navigate all of the amazing aspects of this plant its people, and its purpose. Then working his way into event coordination. Bringing great networking opportunities to new businesses and inspiring entrepreneurs. As well as education to those who attend. Branching off into an attempt at the metric and licensed sector. With a swing and a miss. Opening the fourth micro business in the state of Michigan. Them found himself back where he started. Now taking the approach of politics. He has become a well-known name at the Capitol in the House of Representatives and all the way up to the attorney general of the state. Continuing on this path to educate and promote the health and wellness of this plant. Along the way meeting and working with many influential people in the industry. Such as Tommy Chong, Jim Belushi, Darren McCarty, Rob Deer, Calvin Johnson and many more. He’s slowly found found a close relationship developing with the Mendo Dope band. As he had booked them for many events in 2022. That relationship blossomed into the creation of a song for the caregivers and cultivators of the world. It’s called deeper roots and is a symbol of who he is and what he wants to accomplish.