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Frederika McClary Easley, Director of Strategic Initiatives at The People’s Ecosystem and Host of The People are Blunt podcast, is a powerhouse of creating and implementing strategy and providing a unique lens that brings an impactful perspective. Having experienced social inequities as an African American woman in a white male-dominated field, she pulls from her experiences to bring knowledge and efforts that promote community engagement and inclusivity.

In 2021, Frederika transitioned into cannabis professionally as the Director of Strategic Initiatives for the People’s Ecosystem. The organization focuses on providing cannabis education, services and products while elevating resources and capital for minority canna-business owners. As an experienced strategist, she analyzes federal and state policies with an equity lens to identify areas of opportunity and advocacy. Additionally, she focuses on stakeholder engagement and industry associations through thought pieces, interviews, and panel discussions, articulating social inequities and promoting advocacy for change through legislation and the social culture of the cannabis industry.

Frederika has built a career as a skilled strategist with over a decade of experience in campaign development and crisis management. While working on campaigns as a director, she managed relationships, developed visions and implementation plans, formed coalitions, and hiried management and staff. As an innate organizer, Frederika is skilled at recognizing problems, identifying solutions, and executing agendas that navigate issues toward resolution.

Frederika offers resources for campaign development, strategy implementation, and social equity work.

To learn more about her story and achievements, please visit https://thepeoplesecosystem.com/about-us/.