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Mother of two, Grandmother of five. Born into an impoverished family that became four blue-eyed kids and two blue-eyed parents. I am the only child who has elected to use cannabis.

Medically retired truck driver at age 39 after being a victim of a career-ending, multiple semi/trailer collision and forced to utilize prescription medication to the point of near addiction became a medical cannabis refugee and taught by the family of activists, advocates and educators of Michigan, Florida and Ohio

Now a legacy cannabis aficionado with nearly 50 years personal experiences.

I believe in Mother Nature, Mother Earth and became Mother Cannabis on the music festival scene and have been quoted as saying “Cannabis belongs inside us(edibles), outside us,(topicals) and

Upside down(change of perspective)!!

When it comes to doctors, I don’t just teach them about cannabis, I prove that it works!!!!



Mothers Cannabis


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