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Adilah Holivay is a prominent figure in the financial services industry, with over 10 years of experience under her belt. She currently serves as the CEO and Principal Advisor for DNA Blockchain Brokerage, a cutting-edge company specializing in blockchain solutions for the financial sector. Adilah's expertise and leadership have played a pivotal role in positioning the company as a frontrunner in the industry.

 Adilah's accomplishments extend beyond her role at DNA Blockchain Brokerage. She is recognized as a distinguished author, having contributed to Volume One of the highly acclaimed Courage in Cannabis Anthology. Her written work showcases her deep understanding of the cannabis industry and its evolving landscape.

Previously, Adilah held the esteemed position of Chair for the Cannabis Committee at the NABCRMPS (National Association of Business and Compliance Risk Management Professionals). In this role, she demonstrated her commitment to governance and compliance within the cannabis industry, working diligently to shape policies and guidelines that promote responsible business practices.

Adilah's passion for contributing to the cannabis industry's governance and compliance is driven by her belief in its potential and the positive impact it can have on society. She envisions a future where the cannabis industry operates with transparency and integrity, and she actively seeks out opportunities to further this mission.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Adilah is dedicated to fostering initiatives that improve workplace environments. She recognizes the importance of creating inclusive and productive spaces where employees can thrive. With her vast experience and industry knowledge, Adilah aims to spearhead projects that promote workplace well-being and innovation.

 Adilah Holivay is a trailblazer and thought leader in the financial services and cannabis industries. Her remarkable journey, coupled with her unwavering dedication to governance, compliance, and workplace improvement, has established her as a respected figure in her field.