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Belicia reigns from Chicago, IL which is where her tenacity for Diversity Equity and  Inclusion work began. She currently oversees Risk Management for a Global Recycling & Renewable Energy firm where she is responsible for  North American Operations. From Fortune 500 companies to various municipalities across the United States; she has encompassed over 20 years of Insurance and Risk Management experience. Infusing her profession and knowledge of the cannabis industry. She co-founded Vice Life Ventures becoming the "Vice Life Coach" which has enabled her to provide vital  Risk, Insurance & Industry coaching to Social Equity entrepreneurs.

In conjunction with her full-time position, she's also a zealous advocate,  lobbyist, and licensee in the cannabis industry.  Immersing herself in the industry she became overwhelmingly concerned with the State of Equitable opportunities in the cannabis industry.  In 2018, her passion led her to create the  Social Equity Empowerment Network known as S.E.E.N.  A business/ trade association created to work earnestly against the disparities and inaccuracies of justice. Her work aims to ensure sustainability and equitable ownership in this emerging industry. As the Chief Empowerment Officer, she empowers equity advocacy across the country. As a voice for social equity, she remains at the forefront of the equity movement in the cannabis industry.

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